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April 2020 – find out about private online tutoring during Covid-19 

You will find that there are many benefits to studying at the Australian International College of Art (AICA) and associated high school tutoring centres like SLTutoring. The small class sizes, talented and dedicated teachers, excellent facilities and friendly staff are all important to your learning, development, enjoyment and future for a productive life and employment .

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Employment for those with experience in creativity and the arts is full of possibilities in design, promotion, marketing, packaging, planning, photography, multimedia and management. Our students have wide-ranging opportunities. Recognition that a linkage exists between creativity in the Arts and Science offers major advantages to the participators and the community. Recognition of enhanced creativity in these disciplines has already occurred and governments are funding methods to build these relationships. Increased employment and concept development will result.

Employers are discovering that creativity is one of the greatest assets they can select in future staffing and seek potential candidates who have training in communication skills and creativity.

Many of our students develop the confidence to be able to set up their own independent businesses on graduation and many act as consultants in design, in photography, in graphic or spatial modeling – to carry out project work for companies and firms. Graduates of the Business — Training and Assessment course can use their skills in all areas of work and business activity where education is required. They have qualifications to be able to pass on to their students and workers accreditation in activities which will enhance their knowledge, skills and employment opportunities.

Our students have a varied background: some come directly from high school, others are post-graduate students, some of whom join us after completing a number of tertiary degrees. We have professionals looking to improve their long-term employment prospects and senior age students, some of whom have been working in the arts for many years. All of these students add to the depth and breadth of the college experience.

Outsourced Training Courses

AICA has agreements and understandings with universities and other tertiary colleges and vocational training centers which can facilitate the extension of your studies at these institutions and allow for recognition of your AICA achievements and prior learning.

AICA also has the capacity to consider your previous studies at recognised universities and tertiary institutions to allow for prior learning to be accepted if appropriate to your chosen course. You can decide to transfer to, extend or complete your entire studies at AICA. It is an exciting time and a very exciting place to develop your creativity.

The AICA Advantage

o Personalised attention
o Flexibility & fast-tracking
o Teaching excellence & innovation
o Workplace relevance
o International perspective
o Lifestyle
o Study Tours: English plus activities, organised for groups

Our past students have been very successful because they enjoy what they are doing & are thoroughly prepared in a practical way for their chosen job. You will be opening the door to exciting career opportunities. As it was recently written in the Harvard Review – “Qualifications in the Visual Arts are more important than an M.B.A.” At the AICA the one-on-one with your teacher and safe environment contribute to the excellent learning environment.

We welcome you with friendship and the pledge to inspire you and help you to achieve your very best in your chosen area of study.

Specialised Academic Study Areas

o Graphic Design
o Printing and Graphic Arts, Graphic Pre-Press
o Graphic Design and Graphic Pre-Press 2yrs
o Photography
o Photoimaging
o Video & Editing
o Training & Assessment
o Business
o Visual Arts
o Sculpture & Ceramics
o Community Welfare
new!!! July 2008

o Ikebana & the Arts
(Classical Japanese Art)
o English Language Institute