Policies & Procedures

Student discipline and complaints & appeals resolution policy:
The College has a process in place to assist students in providing a resolution for a complaints & appeals in the following areas:

Academic Standards
Behaviour and Discipline
Contract and Finance

Students are expected to abide by the standards as set out in the Student Learning Contract. Students are required to sign this contract and adhere to its contract. Students are also expected to abide by the Code of Conduct as published in the Student Induction Manual. Any breach of these guidelines may result in disciplinary action. All staff are expected to follow and enforce these guidelines. If any student feels they have been treated unfairly the following is available to them:

Document the complaints & appeals and advise your teacher to seek resolution. If not resolved discuss with Head of Faculty. If not resolved seek appointment with the Chief Executive / Dean of the College. If you are not satisfied with the outcome you may wish to consult an external mediator.

Any issues relating to the student Contract of Enrolment, payment of fees or refund of monies are stated clearly on the “Enrolment” page. Students must sign this form prior to commencement of course.

For international students, an acceptance of offer represents an understanding of the above.

Any student who feels that they have not been treated in accordance with these conditions should follow the complaints & appeals procedure above.

Client Support

Our educational philosophy is to provide individual and personal attention to students through our office and teaching staff. Everything is focussed on your eventual success, whether it is achieved by helping you progress to University, helping you get a job or helping you cope with your study programme.

Welfare and Guidance Services:

We are always happy to assist any student with issues relating to their academic progress. We have a qualified academic support officer available by appointment. For issues relating to personal welfare we will assist students to source an appropriate service and a suitable time for counselling. A large range of government and private welfare services can be sourced by our staff to assist students in a variety of matters.

Language and Literacy

Students may be asked to complete a language and literacy test to determine their suitability for a course. At any time during the course if recommended by a teacher, head of faculty or Dean of the College a student may be asked to complete a literacy test.

Access and Equity

It is our policy to ensure that all groups in society have equal opportunity to participate successfully in our programmes. The College embraces diversity in the student population in respect to age gender cultural and linguistic background and socio-economic status. We will ensure that equity principles for all groups are implemented through fair allocation of resources and increased opportunity to participate in decision- making processes that affect their lives.

Induction and Orientation

All students will participate in a full day / half day or part thereof induction program. At this session students will be given information relative to their timetable, student services, complaints & appeals and discipline procedures, attendance and behaviour requirements and academic standards. Students will be given a Handbook with all relative material at this session. (If the student has not already been given this information.)

Learning and Assessment Procedures

Students will be provided with a variety of learning strategies during their course. Some of these may include trainer directed sessions; CD-Rom activities; internet activities; self-paced computer lessons; lecture-theatre style tutorials; video training and research activities.

Competency based assessments will address the current and relevant National Training Package and will adhere to the four technical principles of assessment: reliability, validity, flexibility, fairness and may take the form of a written test, a demonstration, an oral presentation, a role play, an assignment or a computer simulated activity.

A variety of assessments will be conducted to determine if students have reached competency in all of the required elements.


1. All international student fees are deposited into the AICA Bank Account.
2. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is withdrawn from the Trust Account and paid to the Health Insurance Fund on the student’s arrival.
3. All fees are payable in advance as determined by AICA at time of application.
4. Fees are correct at time of printing and may vary at any time without prior notice.

Refund Policy

1. If an applicant (student) accepts a place at AICA by virtue of paying fees, this is a binding contract between the applicant and AICA.
2. The laws of the Commonwealth of Australia and the State of Queensland govern the contract between the applicant (student) and AICA.
3. Notification of cancellation, deferral or leave of absence from a course of study must be in writing to AICA.
4. Application Fees and Accommodation Placement Fees are not refundable.
5. Before Commencement: If the student’s Visa application is rejected, all fees are refundable in full (except those noted in Number 4 above). If the student is required to return home before a program commences, due to exceptional circumstances of a compassionate nature, such as death or severe illness in the immediate family,
AICA will refund all fees (except those noted in number 4 above).
If the student wishes to cancel his/her course before commencement , the following conditions apply:
Should the cancellation be less than (<) 20 days but more than (>) 14 days then a 10% administration fee will apply. 90% of all fees will be refunded to the student.
6. AICA has the right to cancel any course for any reason at any time. If AICA cancels any course an alternative offer may be made or the balance of unused fees will be refunded.
Fees will not be refunded for any reason other than above.

Deferral, Leave of Absence or Transferral

1. If the student wishes to defer his/her admission or take leave of absence until a later semester, AICA will hold the fees paid for 6 months, as at the date advised in writing, without levying a penalty. If the student subsequently withdraws or exceeds this agreed holding period, all fees will be automatically surrendered to and become the absolute property AICA.
2. A student may transfer to another course at AICA and pay any cost difference if the new course is more expensive. If the course is less expensive, the student will be allowed additional study time.
3. AICA will not transfer fees to another Institution or to a currently enrolled student, unless arranged at the time of enrolment.


All courses offered by AICA are subject to numbers.

Full Time Courses