Australian International College of Art


As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), the Australian International College of Art has agreed to operate within the Principles and Standards of the Australian Recognition Framework (ARF). This includes a commitment to recognise the training qualifications issued by other Registered Training Organisations – for example Griffith University.

(Policy 001 Principles for Registration – Policy 002 Principles for National Recognition)

Legislative Requirements

The Australian International College of Art will meet all legislative requirements of State and Federal Government. In particular, Workplace Health and Safety, Workplace Relations and Vocational Placement Standards will be met at all times.

(Policy 003 Legislative Compliance)

Access and Equity

All learners will be recruited in an ethical and responsible manner and consistent with the requirements of the curriculum or National Training Package. Our Access and Equity Policy ensures that trainee selection decisions comply with equal opportunity legislation.

Appropriately qualified staff will assess the extent to which the applicant is likely to achieve the stated competency standards and outcomes of the course, based on their qualifications and experience.

(Policy 004 Access & Equity)

Quality Management Focus

The Australian International College of Art has a commitment to providing a quality service and a focus on continuous improvement. We value feedback from trainees, staff and employers for incorporation into future programs.

(PRO 001 Monitor & Review – POL 004 Continuous Improvement – POL 008 Assessment)

Client Service

We have sound management practices to ensure effective client service. In particular we have client service standards to ensure timely issue of learner assessment results and qualifications. These will be appropriate to competence achieved and issued in accordance with national guidelines.

Our quality focus includes a Recognition of Prior Learning Policy, a fair and equitable Refund Policy, a Complaint and Appeal Policy, an Access and Equity Policy and student welfare and guidance services. Where necessary, arrangements will be made for those clients requiring literacy and/or numeracy support programs. We will take every opportunity to ensure that this information is disseminated, understood and valued by personnel and clients.

Our learner information will ensure that all fees and charges are known to learners before enrolment, that course content and assessment procedures are explained and that vocational outcomes are outlined.

(PRO 004 Continuous Improvement – PRO 008 Assessment – PRO 011 Recognition of Prior Learning – Policy 007 Refund – PRO 006 Refund – Policy 004 Access & Equity Policy -PRO 012 Admissions – PRO 014 Complaints and Appeals – )

External Review

The Australian International College of Art has agreed to participate in external monitoring and audit processes required by the state training agency. This covers random quality audits, audit following complaint and audit for the purposes of re-registration.

Management and Administration

The Australian International College of Art has policies and management strategies which ensure sound financial and administrative practices. Management guarantees the organisation’s sound financial position and safeguards trainee fees until used for training/assessment. We have a Refund Policy which is fair and equitable. Trainee records are managed securely and confidentially and are available for trainee perusal on request. The Australian International College of Art has adequate insurance policies.

(Policy 007 Refund – Policy 008 Client Fee Administration)

Marketing and Advertising

The Australian International College of Art markets its vocational education and training products with integrity, accuracy and professionalism, avoiding vague and ambiguous statements. In the provision of information, no false or misleading comparisons are drawn with any other training organisation or training product.

(Policy 009 Marketing and Advertising)

Training and Assessment Standards

The Australian International College of Art has personnel with appropriate qualifications and experience to deliver the training and facilitate the assessment relevant to the training products offered. Assessment will meet the National Assessment Principles (including Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer). Adequate facilities, equipment and training materials will be utilised to ensure the learning environment is conducive to the success of trainees.

(PRO 009 Recruitment – PRO 011 Recognition of Prior Learning)

International Students

The Australian International College of Art will be bound by the Education Services for Overseas Students (Registration of Providers Financial Regulations) (ESOS) Act 2000.

(Policy 003 Legislation Compliance)


The Australian International College of Art will honour all guarantees outlined in this Code of Practice. We understand that if we do not meet the obligations of this Code or supporting regulatory requirements, we may have our registration as a Registered Training Organisation withdrawn.

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